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2014 in Review: The 7 Trends That Shaped Patient Access

by Amanda Conschafter, blog editor

Patient access encountered a range of challenges in 2014 – some old, some new. Here’s a look back at the top seven issues that drove physicians to advocate for their patients this year.

trends that shaped the year in patient

  1. The FDA accepted its first biosimilar applications, fueling debate over naming and testing requirements.

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  1. Specialty tiers obstructed access to vital medications for patients on Affordable Care Act exchange plans.

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  1. Cancer patients faced new threats to accessing life-saving medical therapies.

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  1. Efforts to address prescription pain pill abuse raised concerns about legitimate patient access.

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  1. Thousands of premature infants entered RSV season without preventative treatment. 

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  1. An unprecedented cure for hepatitis entered the market.

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  1. Mid-term elections welcomed waves of new physician-legislators to statehouses across the country.

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Rejoin the Institute for Patient Access blog on January 5 to follow these – and emerging – patient access issues in 2015. Happy holidays!


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