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Will Cuts to Medicare Advantage Put America’s Seniors at a Disadvantage?

by Amanda Conschafter, Blog Editor Cuts mandated by the Affordable Care Act could cause 4.8 million seniors to lose or drop their Medicare Advantage coverage, predicts

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Advocates Unite on FDA-Approved Therapies for Pregnant Women

by Amanda Conschafter, Blog Editor Pregnant women constitute a highly sensitive population when it comes to medical therapies.  The National Perinatal Association calls for better access

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High Co-Pays Inhibit Access for Cancer Patients

You can’t put a price on health, the saying goes. But for certain leukemia patients who need protein kinase inhibitor treatment, cost can prove to be not only a key factor but also a barrier to wellness.

Will Proposed CMS Rule Threaten Access for Seniors?

Medicare has money problems; that’s no secret. But health experts worry that a newly proposed rule to reduce costs by ending Part D’s access guarantee for specific medications could shake Medicare’s fundamental purpose: to keep America’s seniors healthy.

New IfPA Paper: Why Doctors Need to Know When Pharmacists Substitute Biological Medicines

Today the Institute for Patient Access released a new policy brief entitled “WHY DOCTORS NEED TO KNOW WHEN PHARMACISTS SUBSTITUTE BIOLOGICAL MEDICINES.” In this edition of IfPA’s “The Physician’s Perspective,” David Charles, M.D. and Mary Ann Chapman, PhD succinctly set forward the benefits of physician notice and rebut the arguments against physician notice. You can read the policy brief here.

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