How Patients Lose with Medicare Part B Demonstration

You lose in many different ways with Medicare Part B Demonstration.

Integrated Care Addresses the Multiple Features of Chronic Pain

Pain is multifaceted. So is its treatment.

Addressing America’s Pain and Opioid Addiction Problems

Addressing America’s pain and opioid addiction problems requires a balanced approach.

Biologics and Biosimilars: Do Physicians Understand the Differences?

Methods, results and conclusions.

Non-Medical Switching

Non-Medical Switching is cutting costs at the expense of patient health.

Medicare Part B Payment Demonstration

Infusion in Progress.

Cost-Focussed Clinical Pathways

Asthma’s Disproportionate Affects

Asthma disproportionately affects minorities, inner-city and low-income patients.

Strong Vaccination Policies

Strong vaccination policies protect patients and public health.

Tracing Side Effects to Their Source

Tracing side effects to their source requires a unique billing code for each biological medicine.

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