Medicare Part B Payment Demonstration

Infusion in Progress.

Cost-Focussed Clinical Pathways

Asthma’s Disproportionate Affects

Asthma disproportionately affects minorities, inner-city and low-income patients.

Strong Vaccination Policies

Strong vaccination policies protect patients and public health.

Tracing Side Effects to Their Source

Tracing side effects to their source requires a unique billing code for each biological medicine.

Que Es La Extrapolacion de Indicaciones?

Y debe ser permitida con los medicamentos biologicos?

CMS Oncology Care Model

Transparent Biosimilar Labeling

Physicians need clear data to safely prescribe biosimilar medications.

Which Patients are Sick Enough for a Hepatitis C Cure?

Under many health plans, only the sickest can receive the cure they need.

Informing Physicians About Biosimilar Substitution

It’s a small price to pay for patient safety.

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