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The following coalitions are projects of the Alliance for Patient Access. They invite stakeholders to come together to advocate for patient-centered care across a range of disease areas.
The Alliance for Gout Awareness reduces stigma and empowers patients by improving public understanding of gout.
Biologics Prescribers Collaborative aims to ensure that sound policies are in place to promote the safest possible use of all biologics, including biosimilars, for all patients.
Coalition for Clinical Trials Awareness works to increase the public’s understanding of the benefits of clinical trials.
Cystic Fibrosis Engagement Network advocates for policies that further patient access to approved cystic fibrosis therapies.
The Generics Access Project advocates for policies that promote generic competition and efficient approval of generic medicines.
Keep My Rx raises public awareness about the benefits of medical stability and how medication switches forced by health insurers can impact patient health.
Movement Disorders Policy Coalition protects patients’ access to treatments for movement disorders.
National Council of Physician Legislators facilitates the exchange of ideas and policies on issues impacting the practice of medicine.
Patient & Provider Advocates for Telehealth advances policies that ensure robust coverage and minimal access obstacles for those who rely upon telehealth.
Patient Access Collaborative raises awareness about the harm caused by restrictive utilization management practices and to protect patient access to prescribed medicines.
The Vision Health Advocacy Coalition promotes patient-centered policies that make services, devices and life-changing treatment more accessible for people with vision conditions.


The following coalitions are AfPA affiliates, independent coalitions that partner with the Alliance for Patient Access on issues related to patient-centered care.
Derma Care Access Network encourages informed policymaking about the benefits of access to appropriate dermatological care.
The Headache & Migraine Policy Forum supports medical advancement, treatment access and education in order to improve quality of life and reduce stigma for people living with migraine disease and headache disorders.
National Coalition for Infant Health educates and advocates on behalf of premature infants from birth to age two.
Partnership to Advance Cardiovascular Health advances public policies and practices that result in accelerated innovation and improved cardiovascular health for heart patients around the world.