Diabetes Therapy Access Physicians Working Group

The Diabetes Therapy Access Working Group is a unique network for clinicians interested in public policy surrounding access to therapies for diabetes.

As working group members know, the more than 29 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes represent a diverse cross section of the nation’s population.  The disease cuts across all ethnicities and age groups, affecting patients who also struggle with a range of related complications and co-morbidities.

A similarly diverse range of treatment options and medical devices exists to treat these patients.  In addition to lifestyle changes, patients may need rapid- or long-acting insulin, or some combination of the two.  To find a successful combination of treatments and approaches for each patient, physicians and patients need access to the full range of FDA-approved treatment options.  Health plan designs should facilitate, not impede, diabetes patients’ ability to make personalized health care decisions.

The Diabetes Therapy Access Working Group allows policy-minded endocrinologists and other health care providers to encourage informed decision-making on these and related issues.  Members identify access challenges and share their perspective with policymakers, the media and the public through education and advocacy initiatives.

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