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Breath of Fresh Care: Improving Asthma Patients’ Access to Innovative Treatments

Asthma and inhalers are closely intertwined in the minds of most Americans, even those without any personal connection to the widespread respiratory condition. Far fewer are aware of powerful new options that can significantly improve a patient’s relationship with their asthma. Read Physician’s Perspective            

Obesity & Mental Health

Charles Nguyen, MD, discusses the connection between mental health and obesity in this Q&A. Read Interview              

Elevating the Experiences of Schizophrenia Patients & Providers

Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that affects roughly 2 million Americans. Patients may experience and interpret reality in an abnormal manner, leading to hallucinations, delusions and disordered thinking. The disease burdens patients and those around them physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and socially. Read Paper

Overburdened by Alzheimer’s: The Need for Care, Innovation and Access

Affecting 6 million Americans, Alzheimer’s disease permanently alters families and communities across the United States. For patients and their loved ones, the most frightening aspect of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis may not be the eventual fatal outcome. It’s the mental and physical deterioration that is, in many cases, prolonged over the course of years.