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The Need for Patient-Centered Care in American Urology

Perhaps no specialty in American medicine better illustrates the value of patient-centered care – and the costs of obstacles to it – than urology. On every front, health care providers are better equipped than ever to treat urological conditions. Yet factors outside the physician-patient relationship unnecessarily restrict access to care, overburden providers and undermine the […]

In Their Own Voices: The Lived Experiences of IgG4-RD Patients

Most people have never heard of a rare and chronic autoimmune disease called IgG4-RD. Some even question whether it exists. But those who live with the disease see its impact in a range of symptoms that can turn their everyday lives upside down. Read Paper

Autoimmune Disease & COVID-19 Information

Constant and conflicting messages about COVID-19 vaccination leave some autoimmune disease patients uncertain about how to protect themselves. Through national survey data and insights from key patient advocacy organizations, this report explores the struggles autoimmune patients face — and how policymakers can help. Read Report

Mental Health Care Reform After the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the United States fights to maintain hard-won progress against COVID-19, the accumulated traumas of isolation, illness and death pose a challenge of their own. The next national health emergency is already here, a mental health epidemic hiding in plain sight. Read White Paper

Root Cause

How America’s Obesity Epidemic Drives Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes

Fear Factor: Delaying Health Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the pandemic took hold, public health experts advised socialdistancing and issued stay-at-home orders. People who couldwork from home began to do so. Schoolchildren transitionedto virtual learning. Restaurants moved to take-out only. Airtraffic ground to a virtual halt. These and other measures helped to minimize Americans’exposure to the novel coronavirus. But as the pandemic captured […]

Health System Barriers for Amyloidosis Patients

Rare diseases present unique challenges, often beginning with diagnosis. Symptoms may puzzle patients and even leave health care providers uncertain. Diagnostic tests and tools may be difficult to access, buried behind health plan red tape. For patients who do finally find answers, treatment may be out of reach. Read White Paper

Innovative Approaches in Patient-Centered Cancer Care

No one is ever prepared to hear that they have cancer. But with the help of innovative treatment approaches, more Americans than ever before can successfully deal with their new diagnosis. Arriving at new life-saving treatments doesn’t just happen, though. It requires interest and investment, decades of research, and a paradigm shift in the way […]

Treatment Challenges for People with Headache and Migraine Disease

Today, approximately 12 percent of the global population experiences migraine attacks. And more than one third of these people have at least 15 migraine days per month. More than “just a headache,” migraine is a hereditary neurological disease that affects people both physically and mentally. In addition to the pain of migraine attacks, the disease […]

A Study of the Qualitative Impact of Non-Medical Switching

The story has become a familiar one. A patient with a chronic condition works with his or her doctor to find the right treatment. The condition is stabilized, manageable. But then that stable patient is driven by the insurance company to a drug that’s less expensive. The switch prioritizes insurers’ profit over patients’ health. And […]