National Policy & Advocacy Summit on Biologics and Biosimilars

The Alliance for Patient Access, the Institute for Patient Access and the Biologics Prescribers Collaborative welcomed health care providers, advocates, patients and other stakeholders for the National Policy & Advocacy Summit on Biologics and Biosimilars in Washington, DC on April 12, 2016.

The summit featured remarks from FDA’s Steven Kozlowski, MD, who described the agency’s efforts to determine follow-on drugs’ biosimilarity to their biologic predecessors, and Representative Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio) of the House Doctors Caucus, who emphasized the importance of the physician-patient relationship and acknowledged the value of innovative medicines such as biologics.

Dennis Cryer, MD, of the Biologics Prescribers Collaborative echoed the need for patient-centered policies, as did Larry LaMotte from Patients for Biologics Safety and Access. Dr. Cryer introduced The Biosimilar Promise, a new handbook from the Biologics Prescribers Collaborative.

Summit attendees also heard from Brian Kennedy, of the Alliance for Patient Access, who introduced the organization’s policy proposal, “Informed Drug Pricing.” The event’s celebrity keynote speaker was Jerry Mathers, childhood star of television’s iconic “Leave it to Beaver.” Mathers described his experience with psoriasis, a condition commonly treated by biologic medicine.

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Two panel discussions included:

Policy Issues Surrounding Biologic and Biosimilars
Moderated by Amanda Conschafter, Communications Director, Alliance for Patient Access


  • Anna Hyde, Senior Director of Advocacy and Access, Arthritis Foundation
  • David Charles, MD, Chairman, Alliance for Patient Access
  • Steven Grossman, JD, President, HPS Group
  • Barbara Biehler, Patient Advocate

Stakeholder Engagement and the “Informed Drug Pricing: A Patient-Centered Approach to Protecting Access to Advanced Medicines” White Paper
Moderated by Damien Garde, Biotech Reporter, STAT News


  • Robert Popovian, PharmD, MS, Senior Director of Healthcare, Science and Economic Advocacy for U.S. Government Relations, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
  • Quardricos Driskell, National Psoriasis Foundation
  • Robert Yapundich, MD, Neurologist

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