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The Indirect Impact of RSV: Parent & Provider Survey Results

Alliance for Patient Access & National Coalition for Infant Health, January 2023

The Journey Toward Disease Management: A National Survey of Gout Patients

Alliance for Gout Awareness, October 2022

Survivor Views – Copay Assistance

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, May 2022

Survey: Retail Pharmacists Optimistic About Biosimilars, Still Have Questions

Pharmacy Times, April 2022

The patient experience: Uncovering the barriers to care for insured Americans

PhRMA, March 2022

Americans Are Frustrated with Abusive Insurance Practices That Exacerbate Access and Affordability Challenges

PhRMA, March 2022

Patient-Provider Surveys Elucidate Biosimilar Switching Process in Oncology

The Center for Biosimilars, December 2021

Autoimmune Disease & COVID-19 Information

Alliance for Patient Access

Americans want patients and their doctors in charge of health care decision making

Partnership to Improve Patient Care, November 2021

Three quarters of Americans with health insurance coverage believe too many hurdles exist between patients and doctor-prescribed medicines

Ipsos, August 2021

Mental Health Concerns Among Seniors with Chronic Illnesses

PAN Foundation, May 2021

2020 AMA Prior Authorization Physician Survey

American Medical Association, April 2021

Prior Authorization & Treatment Delays

The Headache & Migraine Policy Forum and the Movement Disorders Policy Coalition, February 2021

The Health Costs of Cost-Sharing

National Bureau of Economic Research, February 2021

Surprising Medical Billing

Morning Consult, December 2020

The U.S. Carer Well-Being Index

Embracing Carers, November 2020

Chronic Pain and High-impact Chronic Pain Among U.S. Adults, 2019

National Center for Health Statistics, November 2020

Access to Migraine Treatment During COVID-19

The Headache & Migraine Policy Forum and Migraine Again, October 2020

Understanding Barriers to Multidisciplinary Pain Care

U.S. Pain Foundation, September 2020

Treating Thyroid Eye Disease From Home

Vision Health Advocacy Coalition, August 2020

Prior Authorizations and Step Therapy Impact to Patients in Specialty Markets

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), June 2020

2019 AMA Prior Authorization Physician Survey

American Medical Association, June 2020

Nearly Half of the Public Say They or a Family Member Skipped or Delayed Care Due to Coronavirus

Kaiser Family Foundation, May 2020

Health Insurers Respond to COVID-19: A Survey

eHealth, April 2020

COVID-19 Affecting Patients’ Access to Cancer Care

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, April 2020

Seniors on Medicare Worried about Prescription Drug Costs, Survey Shows

PAN Foundation, March 2020

Patients’ Understanding of Biological Medicines Lags

Bio Prescribers Collaborative, March 2020

Prior authorizations are a pain point for both doctors and patients, survey finds

Texas Medical Association, January 2020

Patients Indicate More Cardiovascular Education Needed

European Alliance for Patient Access, November 2019

Men Less Knowledgeable about HPV Vaccine and Cancers Caused By Virus

JAMA, September 2019

Which patient reported outcome domains are important to the rheumatologists while assessing patients with rheumatoid arthritis?

BMC Rheumatology, September 2019

Chronic Pain Robs Women of Quality of Life

HealthyWomen, September 2019

AARP Members Support Rebate Rule Proposal

PhRMA, June 2019

Shared Decision-Making: Insights from Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients in Europe

European Alliance for Patient Access, May 2019

Understanding Voters’ Views on Prescription Drug Costs

Biotechnology Innovation Organization, April 2019

Survey of Consumer Health Care Concerns

Consumers for Quality Care, April 2019

Consumers Support Requiring Pharmacy Benefit Managers to Pass Along Savings

American Consumer Institute Survey, April 2019

CDC Guideline Having ‘Horrendous’ Impact on Pain Patients

Pain News Network, March 2019

Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll: Prescription Drugs

Kaiser Family Foundation, February 2019

National Survey of Patients’ Attitudes Toward Gout

Alliance for Gout Awareness, February 2019

A Study of the Qualitative Impact of Non-Medical Switching

Alliance for Patient Access, February 2019

National Survey of Attitudes Toward Cardiovascular Treatment & Access

Partnership to Advance Cardiovascular Health, October 2018

RSV Awareness: A National Poll of Parents & Health Care Providers

National Coalition for Infant Health, October 2018

Provider Perspectives on Health Insurance Barriers that Harm Patients

Aimed Alliance, October 2018

Texas Survey of Attitudes toward Non-Medical Switching Legislation

WPAi, September 2018

Women’s Attitude Toward Headache and Migraine

Headache Migraine Policy Forum, September 2018

PPPH Consumer Protection Research Results

Partnership to Protect Patient Health, September 2018

New Data Show Patients Out-of-Pocket Costs are Rising Faster than their Insurers’ Costs

Kaiser Family Foundation, July 2018

Voter Survey on Part D Reforms

National Community Pharmacists Association, July 2018

National Survey of Public Attitudes Toward Balanced Pain Management

Alliance for Balanced Pain Management, July 2018

Physician Poll: 340B Program Being Inappropriately Used, Allowing Hospitals to Profit

Institute for Patient Access, May 2018

New York Patient Sentiment Toward Non-Medical Drug Switching

Creaky Joints, May 2018

2017 AMA Prior Authorization Physician Survey

American Medical Association, March 2018

Kaiser Tracking Poll Finds Health Care Costs Top Issue Among Voters, February 2018