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How Policymakers Can Stop Patients’ Co-Pay Surprise

Can policymakers prevent new co-pay accumulator programs from surprising patients at the pharmacy counter?  The short answer: yes. They have several options, in fact, according to a new overview of policy proposals from the Institute for Patient Access.  

IfPA Paper Explains How New Co-pay Coupon Rules Hurt Patients

“Not everyone can afford the medication they need,” opens a new policy brief from the Institute for Patient Access.  Co-pay coupons are one source of financial support for patients.  Issued by drug manufacturers, co-pay coupons reduce patients’ out-of-pocket cost.  They also help patients meet their annual deductible.

Patients’ Nasty Co-pay Surprise

A new trend has more health insurers implementing what are known as co-pay accumulator programs, which change how patients meet their annual deductible.  Insurers embrace the programs to increase their revenues and discourage the use of high-cost drugs.  But, in so doing, they leave patients with a difficult choice.