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Veterans Issues Dominate Headache Policy Event

In a Tuesday policy panel sponsored by The Headache and Migraine Policy Forum, experts from across the health care and veterans support spectrum weighed in on how migraine and headache disorders impact veterans – and whether these women and men can access the treatment they need.

Headache: Veterans’ Battle after Service

Over the last few decades, improved body armor has helped protect America’s men and women in uniform from fatal complications such as those from close-proximity blasts.  They’re surviving.  They’re returning home to their spouses, partners, parents and children.

But many still have wounds – some visible, some invisible.

Congress Urged to Prioritize Headache Research, Treatments

During today’s annual Headache on the Hill event, patients, physicians and advocates from the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy will once again brief members of Congress on the impact of headache – and how better funding, more research and improved access to treatments could mitigate the conditions’ impact on patients.