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Non-Medical Switching Pushes Patients to the Brink

A staggering 40% of mental health patients who were forced to switch a medication prescribed by their doctor with one mandated by their insurer found that the mandated drug did not work as well. This is just one of many disheartening findings from a recent survey about the harmful effects of non-medical switching. The practice […]

Mental Health Care Deserves a Fair Shake

One in five adults in the U.S. suffer from a mental health condition, yet only about half of those needing treatment receive care. What’s keeping so many people from treatment?  

The Looming Mental Health Pandemic

Millions of Americans will need help recovering from the psychological traumas of the pandemic, so lawmakers should act quickly to improve mental health care policy.

The Widening Mental Health Gap

Most Americans are slowly moving past the pandemic, but the mental strain of the last year may linger until they can access treatment. Too bad that’s easier said than done.