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America’s Spectrum of Support for Patients

Americans “Go Red” in February for heart disease awareness and paint the town pink every October in honor of breast cancer patients. These celebrations are a stark contrast, however, to the public’s response to some health conditions.

Telemedicine Bridges Gap for Patients in Hawaii

By Jerry Boster Living on a Hawaiian island is living the dream – unless you need access to a medical specialist who is an airplane ride away. Just ask a person with Parkinson’s living in Hawaii, like me.   While people with Parkinson’s live on all 7 Hawaiian Islands, most medical specialists are concentrated on the […]

Fail First is Failing Neurological Patients

By Robert Fekete, MD In my effort to provide patient-centered care for people with neurological conditions, I encounter a variety of obstacles. One irks me more than any other: step therapy. This is the process where insurance companies withhold coverage for prescribed medications until patients first try and fail the insurer-preferred drug.  I take issue […]

New Medication Reduces “Off” Periods for Parkinson’s Patients

People living with Parkinson’s disease will soon have a new treatment option.   The FDA has now approved a medication that reduces “off” periods, episodes when patients’ first-line medication fails to control Parkinson’s symptoms.  The new treatment is a welcome step toward helping Parkinson’s patients keep symptoms like tremor, rigidity and anxiety in check.  Parkinson’s disease, […]