Best of Summer 2017

Vacation season?  Perhaps.  But summer hasn’t slowed the Institute for Patient Access’ steady stream of physician-led insight on policy issues that matter to patients and their health care providers.

As we head into September, here’s a look back at this summer’s highlights.

  1. Policymakers want to curb rising health care costs – but some approaches work better than others.

    Video: Understanding Value-Based Contracting

    Report: Cost-Motivated Treatment Changes & Non-Medical Switching

  2. Abuse-deterrent opioid formulations get the cold shoulder from the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review – despite their value in addressing abuse.

    Infographic: Why Patients Need Access to Abuse-Deterrent Opioids

    One-Pager: What’s Missing From ICER’s Assessment of Abuse-Deterrent Opioids

  3. International drug donation programs improve access and save lives.  So how can we make them more widespread?

    Policy paper: The Role of Drug Donations in Expanding Access to Medicines

  4. Promising research on preventive headache drugs raises hopes for those with debilitating conditions and few treatment options.

    Blog: Research on Preventive Drugs Raises Hopes in the Migraine Community

    Infographic: Who Are Migraines Hurting?

  5. Nearly one in five Americans with hepatitis C spends time behind bars each year.  One doctor explains why policymakers should facilitate access to curative treatment – and how.

    Policy paper: Testing and Treating Prisoners for Hepatitis C

  6. Co-pay coupons and assistance programs spark controversy.  They also help patients access vital medicines.

    Fast Facts: Co-Pay Coupons

  7. Obstacles mount for heart patients who need breakthrough PCSK9 inhibitors.

    Blog: ICER Report Could Intensify Barriers for Heart Patients

    Blog: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back for Heart Patients


Follow the blog this fall for more videos, policy papers and insights on patient access.  Welcome back!


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