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by Amanda Conschafter, blog editor

Chronic pain’s multifaceted symptoms require a multidisciplinary approach to care, says the Institute for Patient Access’ new policy brief. Yet several barriers may prevent chronic pain patients from finding the long-term relief they need.

As “Access to Integrated Care for Chronic Pain” notes, patients can face a number of challenges beyond the immediate sensation of pain. Each pain-related symptom may require a different type of treatment. For example:

AfPA Chronic Pain Infographic

But several barriers impede patients’ ability to access the multifaceted treatment they need. As the policy brief points out:

To help chronic pain patients access the integrated care they need, payment systems must focus on patient outcomes, broaden coverage to include integrated care and encourage team-based treatment at the primary care level.

Read “Access to Integrated Care for Chronic Pain” to learn more.

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