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Lieutenant Governors’ “Be the Cure” Initiative Promotes Clinical Trials Participation

by Amanda Conschafter, blog editor

The National Lieutenant Governors Association has a message for citizens who want to see cures for Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes and other conditions: Participate in clinical trials. The organization’s “Be the Cure” initiative is gaining steam in its effort to promote diverse, robust clinical trials participation throughout the country.

“Participation in a clinical trial may benefit the patient,” the association explained in a recent press release, adding that “it may also benefit future patients by furthering medical innovation.”  The bipartisan group seeks to make information on clinical trials readily available to patients across the country, in part through its Be the Cure website.   As New Mexico Lt. Governor John Sanchez noted,We must make as many people as possible aware of the opportunity of clinical trials, it’s really that simple.” The group’s website notes that 85 percent of clinical trials face delays and 30 percent never fully initiate due to low enrollment.

And the association looks to change that phenomenon. As South Dakota Lt. Governor Matt Michels explained, “To bring greater awareness to both clinical trials and underrepresented participants, my peers and I are bringing the “Be the Cure” program to the states.” Lieutenant governors envision the year-long campaign as a way to improve public health through improved clinical trials participation, as well as a means of promoting STEM jobs.


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