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This year’s World Brain Day, July 22, is aimed at raising awareness of the most common brain disease in the world: migraine.  It affects more than 38 million Americans and is the second leading cause of disability worldwide.

Despite its impact, migraine is also under recognized, under diagnosed and under treated.  Lack of education and access to appropriate clinical care and treatment contribute to this unfortunate reality, which ultimately hurts and further stigmatizes people living with the condition.  

Coalescing around this year’s World Brain Day theme, “Migraine: The Painful Truth,” advocates including the Headache and Migraine Policy Forum and the Alliance for Patient Access’ Headache and Migraine Disease Working Group work to highlight challenges facing people with migraine – challenges such as: 

World Brain Day 2019 highlights the importance of increasing education about migraine, reducing stigma associated with the condition, expanding access to treatments and in turn, improving the health and lives of people living with migraine disease.  

To share these tools and join the World Brain Day conversation on social media use #thepainfultruth and #worldbrainday.

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