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Stepping Up the Fight Against Infant and Maternal Mortality

Among the world’s developed countries, the United States holds the unwanted distinction of being a leader in maternal and infant deaths. In an attempt to turn the tide, the federal government last month announced a new $350 million investment.  

Infant Health Policy Summit

The sixth annual Infant Health Policy Summit welcomed health care providers, parents, policymakers, advocates and other stakeholders to explore how policy solutions can improve the health and lives of infants and their families.

From Mom to Baby: Antibodies and Infant Health

Everyone knows children inherit some things from their parents: their blue eyes, their curly hair, or perhaps their love of the outdoors. Moms take prenatal vitamins and get maternal vaccines like Tdap to transfer health benefits and good antibodies to their unborn babies.

Securing Babies’ Access to Life-Saving Medicine

Bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital is a joy like no other. Bringing that same baby back to the hospital for treatment of a life-threatening virus would be a nightmare. Yet for tens of thousands parents, RSV makes that traumatic return trip a reality.

When Preterm Infants Struggle to Feed

Working in the NICU, I have observed a wide range of challenges affecting late preterm infants. But perhaps the most concerning is difficulty eating.